Should I Trust Brave?

I like Brave but I am not so sure I can trust it right now maybe you can help me. First I wont be buying the VPN becuse of its cost. But from what I know dont VPNS just slow down the speed of your internet? Also dont they just add more resources on your phone? And you really have to trust the VPN provider. Next is Brave App seems huge in Storage and Cache. I have Norton Secuirty on my phone and it says that. Brave uses alot of background activity I think its a heavy App. It also seems to use more battery then other Apps. Last some people have said Brave spys on users and the software and the new VPN is spywere and downloads stuff in the background. I am not saying thats a fact but once people are talking like that and bad about you product. You get people like me who are unsure. So can anyone help me?