The Firewall+VPN is not all that great

The new Firewall+VPN is not that great I dont like it. I tried it for free and found some issues with it that I did not like enough to not be buying/using it. Even know it says no slow downs or lagging there is definitely lagging and slow downs with the VPN on vs off. 2nd I have found website(well named sites) that do not load at all or parts of the website would be missing. 3rd if you read around the web tech websites. You usually DO NOT need a VPN on all the time on your home network. If that being said with a VPN on all the time well have a impact on the phones battery(just look it up). And 4th it dose not block ads outside of Brave on other Apps. I have my DNS settings and it acts like a ad blocker it blocks all ads so it blocks ads in other Apps. With the VPN on it changes the DNS setting to so I get ads. 5th it is a slow VPN only 100Mbps seems fast but its not if you dont use it. I get 300Mbps of download speed on my phone and by using the VPN I only get up to 100Mbps. There are faster VPNS out there and I dont mind using a separate VPN App being a internal App in the browser is cool but something I can live without. Most important the price I am not paying $100 a year I can find cheaper ones even lifetime i had my VPN all night when I went to bed I had 85% battery when I woke up I had 0% battery. Charged my phone went into the battery setting you guessed it the app that was running using all my battery Brave.

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