Should I change the Content Filter Lists or keep it default?

The title says it all. Should I keep my Filter Lists default or change it?

For me, the default was EasyList Cookie and Fanboy's Mobile Notifications.

I’m thinking of using six additional ones:
Fanboy's Anti-Newsletter
Fanboy's Anti-chat Apps
Youtube Mobile Distractions
Youtube Mobile Recommendations
Bypass Paywalls Clean Filters
Blocklists Anti-Porn

Will using these additional Filter Lists make me more identifiable while using Brave?

While I can’t be certain, I feel confident that they will not make you more identifiable while browsing. That said, every now and then some web compatibility issues may pop up due to using additional content filters. However, I don’t think it should stop you from enabling the filters you’d like to use — that is why they are there after all!

@vortvor They don’t necessarily make you more identifiable, however it is possible for websites to know what content filters are being used by running tests if they want. You typically don’t have such testing done “in the wild” on regular websites, but just wanted to point out that it is technically possible.

One might argue there is the potential for things to stand out because you’re using certain combinations of content filters, are on a particular operating system, etc. But all of that would be speculation and not officially tracking you or easily identifying you specifically.

On a side note, I do also want to remind you that having extra content filters active does increase the chances of content being broken. For example, I’ve come across some sites that didn’t work with Bypass Paywalls Clean Filters, but it’s been rare. And in some instances, like this constant back and forth with blocking ads on YouTube and not triggering their adblock warning, having fewer filters will reduce the risk of issues there.

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