Constant crashes using Brave Content Filter Lists feature

Description of the issue:
Constant crashes using Brave Content Filter Lists feature

How can this issue be reproduced?

I do experience constant crashes when you enable multiple Content Filter Lists. It’s not slowing done iOS, it makes Brave unusable. As soon as I open Brave it tries to download or reload the Favicon and than it crashes 2-3 seconds afterwards. I don’t know which list is causing this. It looks like some kind of incompatibility.

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave v1.48.1

Mobile Device details
iOS 16.3.1

Additional Information:
As a workaround you have completely uninstall Brave and start from scratch.

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Can you please tell me which specific filter lists you’ve enabled in the browser if you know them?

what lists and what sites would be good info for us to have

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I lost all bookmarks due to uninstall. So I do not know which site caused the recurring crashes. Currently I am using the Easylist-Cookie List, Fanboy Social List, Fanboys’s Anti-Newsletter List, Fanboy’s Mobile Notification List and uBlock Annoyances List.

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