Items on opening screen

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere but I didn’t see it.

I just downloaded and installed Brave last night … impressed so far. When I opened Brave for the first time, there were some icons/apps/short cuts (sorry … I don’t know what they’re called in Brave) on Brave’s opening screen.

I deleted them but would like to know how to create my own ‘shortcuts.’ I tried looking up how to but, not being sure what their label is, I’m not having much luck. I tried right clicking on the screen but didn’t see an option to add any shortcuts.


Did you mean the one on orange box @dvdrttr214?

For now, those thumbnails are automatically populated based on your browsing history.

@dvdrttr214 Mouse-over a top site icon to display Pin, Bookmark and Delete options.


Thanks. I need to know how to put up new site icons … I figured out how to delete them.

@dvdrttr214 You may have missed this at the end of @eljuno’s post

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