Brave Browser Task Manager Behavior Issue with PWA's

Description of the issue:
Hello, I’m using Brave Beta on Linux (Fedora 37 KDE Plasma on Wayland), and I’m having an issue when it comes to PWA icons and the “taskbar”. Normally, a PWA, when installed, will act as it’s own application, holding it’s own spot on the taskbar, and have it’s own icon. However, after installing a few different PWA’s, they aren’t using their own icon on the taskbar, rather, they are being grouped with Brave Beta’s icon instead when I open them. When I have an existing Brave window open, the PWA just gets grouped with the Brave icon (see screenshot; have tested with multiple PWA’s, so it’s not specific to a single site). When no Brave window is open, the PWA icon replaces the Brave Beta icon on the taskbar until a Brave Beta window is open. Why aren’t PWA’s able to have their own icon on the taskbar? I logged a BR with the distribution, but they aren’t able to replicate this issue with Chromium or Chrome browser, so it is specific to Brave.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Before opening a Brave Beta window, open an installed PWA (whether by desktop or application menu)
  2. Notice PWA icon replaces the Brave Beta icon OR
  3. Open a Brave Beta window, then open an installed PWA
  4. Notice the PWA is grouped with the Brave icon rather than have it’s own icon like it’s supposed to

Expected result:
PWA icon to appear as it’s own program on taskbar, able to pin to taskbar, showing as a separate program/application

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
This used to work, but only recently has started this behavior.
Screenshot showing YouTube clearly open as a PWA, but is lumped with Brave Beta application, and the name of the PWA isn’t even showing on the window preview.

I do not use Linux but above is how it is working for me in both Brave Release 1.49.120 and Brave Beta 1.50.193 on win10. I can’t help with your issue, just posting to provide more information which may help troubleshoot your issue.

Can you please:

  1. Post your flavor of Linux
  2. Disable any extensions
  3. Try creating a new profile to see if the behavior occurs in a new profile

Using as example, when download it opens in its own taskbar icon. When I click the hamburger menu, there is an option to “Open in Brave”

When I click Open in Brave, the taskbar app closes and the app opens in a tab in the Brave default window. I can get the app back on the taskbar by clicking the app icon at the end of address bar and selecting “Open with”, selecting the app, and it opens in its own window and is displayed on the taskbar.


Can something similar be reproduced on your system? I looked at the icons in your screenshot, but the same icon wasn’t visible.

Hopefully, someone with more knowledge will drop in and help. Please be aware it is the weekend and Brave Support usually does not work weekends.

Please post an update. Take care. :slight_smile:

Hi @Chocoholic, thanks for commenting.

For sure, I’m running Fedora 37 KDE Plasma on Wayland.
I did try disabling all extensions, but forgot to mention it. Thanks!
The behavior happens on a new profile as well.
I did try your sidenote method, but the behavior remains the same as my original post unfortunately. :frowning:
Hopefully they can get this fixed. I use PWA’s quite extensively, and this is just a major annoyance.

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