Shield settings for extensions


The Todoist chrome extensions (the main Todoist Extension and the Gmail extension) require a 3rd party cookie for login or it produces error message Invalid or missing CSRF token. My default shield settings block 3rd party cookies, and sites that need them I can enable on a site-by-site basis. However, since these are extensions, they seem to be just following the default shield settings for the extensions.

If I change my default shield settings globally to allow 3rd party cookies, the Todoist extensions work. However, this woudl defeat the purpose of the shields, since the whole goal is for the default behavior on new websites to be to block 3rd party cookies.

Now, I have also tried whitelisting cookies from the two domains Todoist recommends but it did not solve the problem.

Is there a way to get the Todoist extensions to work without having to globally allow all 3rd party cookies?

Todoist extension does not function, unless Brave shields are dropped globally

Unfortunately this is a known issue with extensions not behaving correctly with Block 3rd party cookie. We have an issue logged for this to be fixed. I’ve added a +1 on your behalf for this extension. Please track the issue here