Share options limited to 4 apps

Description of the issue:
When sharing a URL, there are only 4 apps listed.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to a web page
  2. select the share option from the overflow menu
  3. The share sheet appears with only 4 apps for sharing to

Expected result:
I expected to see all of the apps that I am able to share to.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
O.S.:Android 11
Hardware: Pixel 4

Additional Information:

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Unable to reproduce on my end.

About 15 apps here. Android 9.

I didn’t even think to see if the list scrolls horizontally. Thanks!

Seeing the partial icon is a hint that the list scrolls. There is no such hint on my device. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


It’s works but it takes several more taps to share.
I miss direct access to the pinned apps on the share sheet.
It only took one tap after hitting the share button.

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Agreed. This design change is less efficient if we cannot choose the items we wish to display on the initial list.

I’m not sure how the browser decides which share items to display, but 3 of the 7 I never use, and 2 I rarely use. My most frequent share destination is the 7th item to the far right, so it requires scrolling, and my 3rd most common isn’t among the list of 7 at all. :frowning:

Brave Version( check About Brave ):

Mobile Device details
O.S.:Android 11
Hardware: Pixel 4a

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This is, without a doubt, the most foolish update that’s ever been incorporated into Brave!

When you used to be able to forward a link with just two taps, it now takes three, in addition to the cumbersome slide motion to expand the app availability.

What will it take to get the developers to restore the previous iteration of this app?!

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I totally agree with all the above comments. I frequently share links via Whatsapp to my buddies. This is particularly important for keeping in touch during the UK’s miserable third lockdown. Despite it being my most used app by far, Whatsapp doesn’t appear on the first menu, so I have to slide across and click more to see it. It’s incredibly annoying for me and makes me consider going back to Chrome. I’ve just signed up to a Brave account solely to moan about this. It’s a great app otherwise.

To spell it out:

Sharing via Chrome is two movements: 1 - click three dots, 2 - click the Whatsapp logo (as most popular choice) next to the share icon

Sharing via Brave is now five movements - 1 - click three dots, 2 - click share icon, 3 - slide across first menu, 4 - click on three dots/more, 5 - click Whatsapp icon on second menu

This is a major ballache when you’re sending 30 or 40 links a day.

Not sure why users can’t choose their favourite apps to share to. Facebook News Feed is always offered as first one in the list I can pick, but I almost never use that.

Please fix this, folks are hurtin’

Brave Version( check About Brave ):

Mobile Device details
O.S.:Android 10
Hardware: Mi 9 SE

This is beyond aggravating - it now requires FIVE steps for me to Save to Pocket!

  1. Click 3 dots
  2. Click share
  3. Scroll right
  4. Click More
  5. FINALLY, there’s the Pocket button, click that.

I’d come here hoping to find some setting I’d accidentally changed, but alas, I find it is a design choice. Seriously? This is enough of an aggravation that I’m now off to investigate other browser options.

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You can disable the “chrome sharing hub” flag to come back to the old share menu. In brave://flags


Thank you very much rom08, this seems to have done the trick. You are wonderful!

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