Change share suggestions when sharing link


When I want to share a link from the browser, I click share and then I’m presented with a number of suggestions. It used to just be app suggestions but now they’re suggesting various Twitter users or text message app users. Is there any way to edit this?

I also don’t understand the criteria used for choosing the suggestions, but whatever it is it’s really awful. It’s not picking my usual friends that I message frequently, it’s picking random people that I sent one message to a year ago.

Thank you

This is actually device/OS System feature – Brave itself is not choosing which applications to add to the list.

OK got it, thanks. It’s odd because in Chrome I don’t get any Twitter suggestions when sharing. But in Brave I do. Do you happen to know what OS setting controls this so I can try to change it? I’m using a note 10 with android 10. Thx alot

Do you use Twitter in Chrome or do you primarily use it in Brave?

99% of the time I use the Twitter app. Occasionally, I hit a tweet in an article or something and it won’t open in the app but rather in the brave browser. However I’m never signed in in Brave or chrome, only the app.

Interesting – In that case I’m actually not sure. I’ll ping the Android team and see if someone has an answer.

OK thank you I appreciate it

It does appear to be an OS feature – it doesn’t exaclty explain why there are different options between Chrome and Brave. I think the suggestions (when sharing from a browser) pull from history? So maybe the rare time(s) you have logged in using the app is part of the data suggestions is looking atl

In theory if I clear all browser data shouldn’t it reset to no suggestions? I tried but that didn’t change anything.

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