Brave's "Share to" panel is redundant with Android (please enhance it)


Please allow

  • Deactivating this sharing panel
  • Modify wich apps and how much are included in the 1st row (+ reordering)
  • Customize actions and how much appears on the 2nd row (+ reordering)

I always believed the “Share To” panel on Android was seriously lacking capabilities.

ie : pinning some shortcuts at the top panel, delete the one you never use, reordering them, etc…

New features came with Android 12 (such as pinning stuffs) but now Brave has also it’s own sharing panel…
It’s redundant, less configurable, and it forces a new step to access the default Android panel.

On the 1st row, the suggested apps seems to be based on nothing : I only use 1/7 of the suggested apps, the one I use doesn’t even appears at first sight (have to scroll right to tap it).
That means I have 6 sharing option that I won’t use :nerd_face:

Same with the 2nd row.
Suggested actions are too much basic or redundant to be usefull (ie : screenshot)
But if you can choose other tools (a reader mode, turn an url into a QR, translation tools, etc…) maybe this 2nd row may be usefull.

For now I will just deactivate this panel
(I’ve seen an option for that I think)

EDIT : Yes it’s possible to deactivate \0/
Settings > Appearance > Disable Sharing hub

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