Toggle to use Android default share menu

I find that the share menu that pops up in Brave isn’t working well for me. My work requires me to make use of uncommon sharing platforms, and I’m often also saving data to Evernote.

My Android share menu works very well for me, and does a good job of updating to take into account the share targets that I most often use.

In Brave this does not happen, and I am required to swipe all the way to the end of the suggested share targets to tap the ‘More’ option, and then select my preferred target from the Android menu.

I realize that there are advantages to the Brave share menu. It just doesn’t work well for my sharing. I’d prefer to have the option to bypass it and go to the Android default – which is where I end up every single time, anyway. I can’t remember any time in which I have actually used the Brave share menu.

I’m not asking for Brave to completely upend the sharing menu – just provide a toggle so that I can turn it off and go the the system default menu instead.


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