Toggle to use Android default share menu

I find that the share menu that pops up in Brave isn’t working well for me. My work requires me to make use of uncommon sharing platforms, and I’m often also saving data to Evernote.

My Android share menu works very well for me, and does a good job of updating to take into account the share targets that I most often use.

In Brave this does not happen, and I am required to swipe all the way to the end of the suggested share targets to tap the ‘More’ option, and then select my preferred target from the Android menu.

I realize that there are advantages to the Brave share menu. It just doesn’t work well for my sharing. I’d prefer to have the option to bypass it and go to the Android default – which is where I end up every single time, anyway. I can’t remember any time in which I have actually used the Brave share menu.

I’m not asking for Brave to completely upend the sharing menu – just provide a toggle so that I can turn it off and go the the system default menu instead.


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Agreed. It’s a layer on top of an OS functionality, and usually just gets in the way.


Same here… I have to go through the extra steps to share to Pocket, which isn’t even that uncommon. A toggle for this feature would be nice!


Made an account just to talk about how silly this really is.

Every other app I have uses the default Android share menu, which I’ve intentionally pinned apps to. The share menu used by Brave assumes I want to share a link over Bluetooth or add it as a podcast without even giving me the option to share to the two messaging apps I use more than anything. I have to click the “…” to see them, which just brings up the default Android share menu that I want in the first place.

Honestly, this is a needless trouble.


Also created an account to add my voice here. This non standard behaviour is a pain.


Can we at the very least have the option to customize the Brave share menu if it must be the default?

Same here! I wish I could choose my own favorites or go straight to Android share menu. Very frustrating, indeed!

Check this out!

It is really important to me to add articles I read to Instapaper, and the extra time it takes on android is sub optimal to say the least. I hope this can be sorted because I love this browser.

Same here: created an account just to add my support for a feature that is badly needed and would be greatly appreciated.

Since popular Android browsers (brave included) don’t seem to support bookmark export to HTML, I need to share tabs to an external bookmark manager. To do this I need to open Brave’s share menu and scroll ALL the way to the end, where I must click another context menu to get the Android default.

That’s 2 extra touch screen actions and associated render lag (+5 seconds) to just to bypass a menu I have no way to customize. Sharing a URL to an arbitrary app should be as easy as “tap, scroll, tap”.

Don’t get me wrong: I love the QR code share for offline peer to peer sharing. But we need basic on-device interoperability, too.

Checking in again to bump this needless trouble to the top if I can. Very rarely does an app actually manage to implement features that make things more difficult, but that’s what has been done here.

Let me share from Brave to the APPS I ACTUALLY USE.

Bumping so this keeps getting attention.

If I understood the feature request correctly, Brave developers will introduce an option to enable Android’s sharing window.

Is this going to be tracked and actually added? I can’t tell by the single issue.

It will be added (unless stated otherwise in the Github ticket above), there is no ETA just yet, though. The ticket has received one of the highest priorities, too.

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That is wonderful news.

Brave development is fast.

Here we go, developers have introduced an option to disable sharing hub. The new change might even make it into the upcoming release (1.30.x), pending approval of uplift-approvers.

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The change will be implemented in 1.31.x as per the following comment:

You can track the 1.31.x milestone over here:

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