Settings to bypass online bank blocks?

Are there recommended privacy settings to allow access to online banks, without giving the banks too much data? I suppose it depends on the bank, but since Brave has so many privacy options I wonder if I might find some advice on where to start. Thanks for any information.

The only way I see to bypass blocks is disabling the shields. Click the Lion icon when you access your homebanking and switch shields off. This will only apply to that website.

I don’t think banks get more data than what they need. You should also note that some data, like location, IP, etc, is for your own safety. If they detect someone trying to access your account they can block it and save your funds and all the associated trouble.

If you do not trust your bank then, sincerely, you could or should move your account to another one.

Thanks. I tried that and it didn’t work so I let Brave know there’s something wrong with the site.

And unfortunately I’m not aware of any trustworthy banks in my country that have the services I need.


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