Setting brave browser as default browser in iOS

I knew that in the recent update of iOS14, browsers like Chrome and Firefox can be set as default browser. However, brave browser did not support this feature. May the update in the future consider to include this feature as well? Thanks.

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Hi @terrytytt, Welcome to Community!
The update for Brave as default browser on iOS 14 should be out now

It’s working but I have to set Brave as default browser everyday. It’s not saving.

Can you elaborate on this?
How/When does it reset? Does it reset right after setting Brave to default? Does it reset after restarting your phone?

It resets after restarting and also after a few hours using the phone.

Thanks for the report.
So it looks like this is an iOS bug and should be fixed in 14.0.1
If you’re still having issues in the future, please let us know

Alright thanks so far!