Setting Brave as default browser in iOS

It’s really just a minor inconvenience. Being able to make Brave the default in the first place is the issue. If you never turn your device off, like me, you only need set Brave as default once. If not resetting it is a quick, simple process. Let’s hope we are not still waiting for the option after Apple has fixed the bug.

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So, I saw on the Apple Developer site that app reviews normally take from 24h to 48h. There could be a problem with the review. When was it applied? And how long does it usually take?

i do not want to argue or say you’re wrong but putting in every password by copying from the desktop IS the reason i never use it as long as there is no sync , it’s really annoying :upside_down_face: against not having it as default browser . i don’t even care for the latter , just put your finger on the app and voila , are you redirected from an app ? copy paste adress and switch to brave on the go

That was a reply to dbjson, not to your post. I fully see what you mean and yes not syncing is a problem that needs to be fixed asap.

We have the new release approved on AppStore. Once you update to 1.20 you should be able to set it as default browser.

Closing the thread as the requested feature is available on AppStore build