Send Tab to specific device

One of the features I’ve seen in Firefox that is really neat is the ability to send a specific tab to a specific device. I don’t mean Apple’s Handoff (which is also nice), but the ability to choose a tab on the device you’re currently using (A) to be automatically opened on a different device (B) when you use it later.

In iOS, the user chooses the Share button and selects the Firefox app. A menu then pops up that includes a Send to Device option. If the user taps that, then a menu appears with a list of all the devices in the account. The next time you open Firefox on that device, the tab pops up. Really cool. (The other features in that menu are also neat to have when outside of the Brave app, so if you’d like to add those too, please feel free. :slight_smile: )

I see that Brave appears in the apps list in the Share tab, but when I tap it while in Brave, nothing happens and the Share menu goes away. If I use it in another browser, the tab is sent to Brave. I think this Brave button in the Share menu would be a good place to add the feature, as it would allow the user to send a link from any app to Brave on any of the user’s devices.

Optionally, while in the Brave app, there could also be a more direct link to Send to Device in the … menu to avoid the extra taps required in the Share menu.