iOS "Send this Page" to another device

I am using Windows 10 21H2 (and Windows 11).

When you right-click on the URL bar on a Desktop Browser, you can see the option: Send this Page


Why isn’t my iOS device listed amongst the available devices? It’s listed within the Synced Devices, but not on the Send This Page list!

Other Browsers already have the capability to send links to iOS:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera
  • Safari

Brave is long overdue.

Seems like you’re using Mac OS. Does Mac OS not have that feature too?!

Mac OS, yes. Possibly the feature is only available, if [Brave] Sync is set up and ON. I cannot test for that possibility.

Yeps Brave Sync is a requirement (just like for the other browsers e.g. Firefox Sync, Google Sync, Opera Link, etc.).

I do have Brave Sync turned on for iPhone. But iOS Brave Sync has many many problems, and I suppose this “Send this Page” is just but one of it.

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