Solana Transactions failed

Sending SOL from my brave wallet is not working- is this due to a setting in the wallet, or is it the SOLANA network? thanks

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@pjl1 both. There are lots of open topics on this. It would be helpful to just look at those and follow-up rather than creating yet another one. In any case, open Github is below, which you may want to look at, including the last replies there.

Hi , yes thank you Saoiray. It works every time I clear the transaction history, and restart my computer. So , for now, I can do that. Make one transaction per session. sorry for the bother, thanks for your help

It’s no bother. Just main thing is trying to keep things consolidated. Having people create multiple topics can drown out others, but it also makes it difficult to communicate with you (or whoever is having the issues). Such as how you responded here after I replied to your other topic. It gets confusing, lol.

It may be helpful for you to provide some of your details in that Github as well. Speaking of, I may link and reference you there.

hi im having same issue i cant send solana out of my brave wallet. i’ve tried what was recommended in other threads such as clearing transaction and information. after clearing it showed my transaction history is empty. tried to send still unable to send. also tried uninstall and install brave browser too. still doesnt work. i cant even send half

Hi, In the past, clearing the transaction history has worked for me. I’m trying again to send more SOL but the transactions keep dropping. It could be due to SOLANA network being down again I suppose. I’ll try again in a few days. nonetheless, I feel SOLANA’s days are numbered if this keeps happening.

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@pjl1 not sure if you saw, but I recently responded about this. Might want to check out links in the reply below:

Same here. Always showing ‘Dropped’ at brave wallet side. No hash can be found on solona scan. Seem like my assets will be locked forever. I don’t think this is network issue, it’s brave wallet issue.

THanks @Saoiray . Still the same issue, I will try again in a few days… Kicking myself for even buying SOL again, having had these issues before. I don’t care how ‘bullish’ or how high it goes. I want nothing to do with SOL after this!