Do we need to move our erc20 BAT tokens over to Solana?

So I have a cold wallet thats holds BAT and I have no idea how i`m suppose to move them to SOL, I don’t even have Solana account, hows this suppose to work @Mattches ?

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You don’t “need” to move anything over to Solana or convert anything into SOL (if you don’t want to). Basically BAT exists on both Solana and Ethereum chains. If you want to move BAT on to the Solana network at this time, you’ll need to use a service such as Wormhole and a Solana wallet as Solana support is not yet implemented in Brave.

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that`s great we can choose, however I feel more comfortable staying on eth chain, thanks

solana will be good option since ethereum fees are too high ffor many users
approx date for solana implementation?

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