Cant send eth or Sol from Brave wallet to a thrird party wallet?

I am frustrated with the Brave wallet. It’s difficult to send Ethereum (ETH) or Solana (SOL) to an external wallet. The only option seems to be transferring crypto from one Brave wallet to another. Once I get my money out, I won’t use this wallet again
How the hell do I add an outside wallet address as the “recipient” so I can get my funds out of this nightmare of a wallet?

How so? This is the first time of you posting in this community and therefore we have no idea what you have been trying to do nor what the issue might seem to be. More details would work better.

Well, that’s how cryptocurrency is sent. You always move from one wallet to another. Literally is nothing else you can do with it. No other place can do anything but move crypto from one wallet address to another.

What do you mean by “outside wallet address?” There’s a lot of ways this can be perceived. Are you asking how to use wormholes or bridges to send from one network to another? Or are you simply referencing how to send to someone else?

If it’s as simple as just sending to someone, it’s quite as easy as using the Send button that exists in Brave Wallet:


It then would ask you which asset you would like to send, so you click and it shows you what you have:


So I’ll pretend I’m sending Ethereum and I’ll type in a random amount. Then you have to put in the address, which must be checksummed address, which is upper and lower case letters & numbers. Even though networks aren’t case sensitive, Brave is as security feature to try to help prevent us from sending to the wrong person, such as putting l instead of I (L instead of i)

I put in some random address pulled off of the internet for this example:

It then pops up with the confirmation dialog and tries to show gas fee estimates.

In this case, you can see that I’d have to pay $5.726 in Ethereum gas fees in order to send the $0.17 in ETH. Gas fees on Ethereum are getting ridiculous, which is why Brave is looking to Solana for Rewards and all, but I digress.

From there I’d just hit Confirm and it would send. Of course, I would need to make sure I have enough of the asset to cover gas. Such as if I tried to send 100% of my ETH, we would see the below:

This is because ETH is used for gas fees, which is needed to move cryptocurrency from one location to another. It says I have insufficient funds because I only have $11.16 in ETH in my account and it needs the gas, which it’s saying would total $19.08. This means I either can’t send 100% of my ETH and have to reduce it to leave enough for gas fees or I need to buy more ETH to cover gas.

Circling back around to this, if you mean something like a Hardware Wallet, then you just go to Brave Wallet and go to Accounts. From there, hit the + and you’ll see the option to Connect a hardware wallet.


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That was an amazing answer. Thank you. Problem is , to be specific, when I attempt to paste the wallet address into the recipient line it will not allow me. It only allows me to send to another created “account” on my Brave wallet. Im simply trying to send SOL to a Phantom wallet to trade on DexScreener.I cant send from this Brave wallet for some reason to Phantom and was having issues with connecting with Dex.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

It sounds like something weird is going on. Would you be able to provide steps you’re taking? Also, are there any errors or you just saying it won’t let you paste an address? Make sure in whatever you share, you don’t give any personal information. But just a basic idea. Also might help to know which version of Brave you’re using as well as which OS so we can try to take a deeper look to see if we can replicate your issue and help guide you to a solution.

Its allowing me to paste the address now but only by using CTRL+V, not right click and paste option. None the less, I fill in the address, click “review Send”, then I “confirm” the transaction, nothing happens. The funds stay in my accounts?

Sorry I went AWOL. Not sure why you’d be having issues. If you go to Activity, do you see anything? Also still could be helpful to know

  • Which OS are you using?

  • Which exact version of Brave are you using? (actual number)

I’m also going to tag @Evan123 to see if he might recognize anything based on what you’ve shared.