Clueless Questions: How to Add or Interact with Solana Network Using Brave Wallet

Description of the issue: How do I add or interact with Solana Network in Brave Wallet? Please explain. Step by steps and screenshots would be nice. Or even just links to easily understandable documentation that explains pros, cons, limitations, how to use Solana to buy/send/swap, etc. in Brave Wallet. Where is the end user documentation? Am I missing it? Does it even exist?

I am interested in using the Solana Network for reduced gas fees per this post:

Are you using the (new) Brave Wallet or the (old) Crypto wallets implementation?
Using Brave Wallet

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. I could not find any Brave documentation that could help me understand, or provide examples, of how this works.
  2. I went to and Solana Network is not in the list.
  3. If I have to add to brave://settings/wallet/networks -->Add a network, I didn’t know what to put in the fields and could not locate that information.
  4. I tried looking for Metamask documentation since it is usually relevant, but everything I found said you can’t add Solana to Metamask.
  5. I tested buying BAT, but displayed ethereum network gas fees only with no option to change to Solana Network.
  6. I did a few searches with different keywords, but couldn’t find anything relevant. Mostly found articles saying “Solana and Brave is gonna happen” but nothing about “Solana and Brave has happened and this is what you need to know and/or do”.
  7. Went to Brave GitHub Wallet project and it is empty: a blank page displays.
  8. Went to Snip of what was displayed below.

9. Went to various other Brave GitHub projects/issues and searched repositories and could not find user information. Has developer information which you would expect but I have no idea if any of it was even related to my question and it was not useful to me as a end-user.
10. I watched the video per adding a custom token in the below Brave GitHub issue report, but Solana Network is not an option in the dropdown. I don’t even know if this is actually related or not!

11. Couldn’t find any relevant information in the Brave Help Center or Brave GitHub Wiki either.

Brave Version (check About Brave):
Version 1.38.115 Chromium: 101.0.4951.64 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

My dear friend, you just missed one place, it exists- under a flag brave://flags/ in Beta & Nightly (I use Nightly for faster updates). Filecoin is there too. Here you can track work on Solana-

Currently, there is a bug (the github issue you posted) that dosen’t allow custom assets on Solana to be transacted. And the fix will land soon in Nightly and in some time in Beta as well. You can still transact in default available assets like USDC, USDT but BAT isn’t available by default unfortuanately.

I think Brave is trying to bring liquidity for BAT on Solana and that’s why it isn’t available as a default asset. You Buy Solana or USDT (with a fee) directly from the wallet (Brave has integrate Ramp for this). And Swap isn’t available currently.

Also, Chainlist only lists Network that are EVM compatible. Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, Terra Luna :rage: etc. aren’t one. And what are EVM compatible networks? - Those that are listed on :grin:.


I would recommend not to use solana network via brave wallet currently (via flags as Amaan stated). It is currently in development (in beta) and will have lots of major bugs. You might lose money in it.

If you are comfortable in putting 10$ worth of sol for fun, then do it. Otherwise, just use Phantom or other Sol wallets at present.

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omg lol Aman, go edit your post and put that info!! Sheesh. :wink: And thank-you very much for the info. :smiley: Wish I would have noticed the version information you provided: Brave 1.40.41 - that would have given me pause. lol

You are right, I didn’t even think about flags and it (Solana Network) being available in Beta and/or Nightly only at this time. Still, you would think I could find something about it (Solana Network) somewhere within Brave… how did you find out it (Solana Network) was available!? By tracking the feature/wallet/solana tag on GitHub? Wish I had thought of looking at wallet tags in issue reports… ugh.

Brave’s information dissemination is abysmal. My opinion, I know, but seems to be front and center so often for me, it (abysmal information dissemination) feels like a fact. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe it (abysmal information dissemination) is and I am just trying to be (somewhat) kind… :thinking:

I won’t. Not until it (Solana Network) is at least in release. I just wanted to see those fantastically low transaction fees actually displayed! lol I probably won’t use Brave Wallet again until they make some attempt at end user documentation. My last experience was not good and it (Brave Wallet) is definitely not “newbie” friendly.

So, I’ll probably end up never actually using it (Brave Wallet) if I wait on Brave to document their product! lol Guess it (Brave Wallet) will be geared for the super-user or whatever they call the tech/crypto savvy user that most their product offerings seem to be for at this point in time. Maybe once they grow up a little more, things will change. Who knows.

Now… last questions… if I have BAT and ETH in my Brave Wallet on the Ethereum Network, will I be able to use it (BAT and ETH) on the Solana Network for transactions? Or will I have to transfer it (BAT and ETH) and thus incur ETH gas fees? I think I probably know the bad news on this one, but I adhere to the adage that there is no such thing as a dumb question… :smiley:

What do you want me to add? I personally believe in trying-out new things.

My crypto journey began with Brave Browser and almost everything that I know about self-custody wallets comes from following the development of Brave Wallet.

You will have to move your BATs from Ethereum network to Solana. You would need a bridge- Wormhole/Portal. But this would incur gas fee.

That would be straight-forward and easy with gas fee.

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Yes, and too many things are “released” BEFORE the documentation is updated.

Too many Brave Help Center documents that are not up-to-date.

Report Templates and examples are scattered between the Brave Community and the Brave Help Center. The Report Templates and examples of them filled-in, should all be at the Brave Community; and then Brave Help Center articles/documents link to the appropriate Brave Community web pages.

And a feature at Brave Community - for the Report / Reply Editors - is needed: A sensor that detects the word, “it”.

That, causes a panel to display: “What do you mean by ‘it’?”


Edited my last post for “it”. :wink: Put the reference in parenthesis. Don’t know about this one, getting into language police territory here. :laughing:

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