Selecting what cookies to keep, and delete all others

Ccleaner has a very practical solution for this problem, but it does not work for Brave:
I have about 35 websites, whose cookies I want to keep permanently. I guess I will have to add them one by one to " Sites that can always use cookies"?

ALL other cookies that appear during a browser session I always want to be deleted afterwards.
How can I do that, as I cannot add every single website I visit manually in " Always clear cookies when windows are closed" ?

Thank you

I believe the Github ticket @Mattches has opened is what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, there is no progress as of now.

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Thank you, yes I have and found nothing that is usable…
Do you suggest that whenever I close the brwoser, I manually need to transfer website addresses to the exclusion site?
With ccleaner it takes one mouse click, and yes, I am aware that it is not brave’s fault that ccleaner has no brave version…

I’m afraid I can’t suggest anything as of now, because Brave developers will have to implement the desired functionality first. The websites under Sites that can always use cookies are the websites which have received users’ permission to use all cookies (first-party + third-party). However, clearing cookies will clear all cookies until developers implement a different approach.

Thank you for your answer. At least now I know what is possible, and what not…

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