See ads but there are not in my catalogue

thanks for clearing @Rokoleniukic

and that expected and normal and in future they will change that so you would not see any sponosor image that not from your catalog

could you explain me why is that suddenly normal when is not normal on Brave on android or on Brave 3 weeks before?

so you want to say that is normal that I see sponsor images and not getting BAT for it?

or it is normal to get 5 BAT on android and 0,2 on desktop?

it was normal from the beginning of the sponsor image

for me on brave desktop most of the time i get one not from my catalog

and each ads even notifications one has rule like

  1. taget region
  2. platform andoid /ios/desktop and then even more specisifc one that target certain platform like linux/windows /macos and ofcourse some choose all
  3. bat value per each ads
  4. limit per day and per hour
  5. other limit but did not know what it for is it per month or per life time of ads in the system
  6. user interested things

think of reward system as ads in your tv they show up during certain time and for certain show movie channel

so the advertiser want to target certain user who could be potential buyer for their product or service

so for example if i build service that it very expensive then i think i would consider target macos and ios user and those user already use expensive device

maybe i have resutrent then i would target user who in certain country where i have branches and for user how like foods and surf the internet for food sites and so on