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Hi, so I just switched to brave after using chrome for a long time and I am loving it, but there is one feature that I can either not find, or it doesn’t exist, that is: searching on sites without opening them, by that I mean on chrome if you type in the address bar and you click tab, then u can write something and it will search that on youtube and it will direct you to that search, but on brave I can’t do this, I read that in shortcuts you can do that for search engines like google but that doesn’t work for me, so is there an extension or an option I can enable to be able to do the same? I want this mainly for youtube if it matters.


@FilipMan You are right for the method but there is a catch, youtube must be open in another tab.
I tried it in the address bar with Brave as the search engine.

If that helps, you will do it once but it will stay forever :slight_smile:

Settings → Site Search → Add → and fill like the image below.


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