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I miss the function that when I enter “y" in the address line, youtube is suggested to me and I have the possibility to search directly within the address line with the tab key. YouTube then opened with the search that I had already entered in the address bar.

How does it work?

I think you might be referring to bangs

It needs duckduckgo or brave search as default search enginr.

Hello @asdf12345, thank you for reaching us out could you please provide us with more details so we can better assist you:

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Thank you for the reply. I think this is it but I can remember, maybe it was chrome, that I just type in y in the address line and I could start after pressing the tab button to type my search in. I dont like to ad a ! or a : .
Is this also possible in brave or should I do it with the !, which is one more step :frowning:

The extra step will be needed in brave (as far as I know)

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