How to get rid of these icons?


these two icons are annoying me pretty much. I never use the option and I want the browser to be clean and not messed up with features I never use. Also, the icons are not centered and white on my dark layout. I really want to get rid of them.


I searched for options but nothing worked so far, maybe they changed it over time…


Hi, I think we can’t remove those icons.

But it really should be possible.

If possible you can try this method:

Step 1: Go to chrome://flags

Step 2: Click the search box at the top and type “Enable Tab Search” (without quotes).

Step 3: In the search results, click the drop-down menu next to “Enable Tab Search.” Select “Enabled” to activate the feature, or select “Disabled” to disable it, removing the button from your browser toolbar.

Step 4: To make your change take effect, you must click “Relaunch” at the bottom. This closes and then reopens Chrome.

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Regarding the upper icon:

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Have you checked this before? There is no option for “Enable Tab Search” and on brave its brave://flags/.

Yeah,it seems that we can’t remove those icon. They have removed the disable option from flags.:slightly_frowning_face:

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