Search Engine addition as an automatic option

Hi - I tried to add as one of my search engines which went through - it is in the additional browser section.

However, I cannot get it set as my default search engine and would preference it over others because of its initiatives regarding the planting of trees via ad money expenditure.

Is there a way to make this my default browser?

I did follow the instructions but the option to make it my default doesn’t seem to appear unfortunately.


brave://settings/searchEngines then click add under other search engine. fill the form out like in the image below
you can also add to url with %s in place of query if you don’t want the one in the image below

then click the 3 vertical dots next to the search option like in the image below, then click make default

@Ryancb welcome to the community.

Thanks very much! I didn’t, somehow, see the three dots to select from there. I was expecting it to appear in the list above the section it is. My fault.

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