Add as a default search option on Brave

Ecosia deserves to be a default search engine option

There are two previous threads (here & here) that have brought this up. I make a new thread just to triple-down on the idea.

Check out this excellent independently made Youtube video essay to see how Ecosia uses its revenue to combat climate change by supporting reforestation efforts around the world.

I switched to Brave because it aligns my technology with my values. I hope Brave can help me continue doing that with my default search engine settings. It’s worth noting that Ecosia is a default search engine option on Google Chrome, so they’ve earned the street cred to make it to the list.

Please and thank you.


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In the meantime, while Brave adds the feature (because they will, right?), you can make Ecosia your default search engine manually by adding their chrome extension to your browser.

This will overwrite any other home page extensions you have, however, so it’s not optimal.

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I’d rather open new tab, get an ad from time to time, then use google (or your fav search page) from Top Sites.

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