Search bar option to be at the bottom

Hello, this may have already been suggested.

Can there be an added option to have the search bar itself be at the bottom or a pop out tab on the side? I have the option in safari to appear at the bottom for ease of access when holding a phone one handed. I think that would be a great option to have available.

And could there be a few customization options with the browsers color? I guess aside from white and dark mode option.

Thanks! I appreciate the safety of the app!


And could there be a few more customization options with the browsers color?

You’re talking about on the browser itself and not at right?

Asking because you put this under the topic for feedback on but I’m thinking you’re looking at a feature request for the browser itself. Just want to make sure no assumptions being made and everyone is able to know what you’re requesting. (Also, if I’m right, will move your topic to right location)

Correct, it is more of a design/function feedback overall.

Ok, cool. So since it was posted under Brave Search, which is more about the website and search area, it would have gone to the wrong teams. I went ahead and moved this over to Brave Feature Requests. Was debating if should put Android or iOS specific, but just will leave it broad.

Just so you know, on feedback like this, we don’t often hear any replies. But they will see it and, if it’s not already something submitted on Github, will end up being added as a request. Only issue is no promises it will happen or how long.

I actually think the category originally chosen by OP was appropriate:

Brave Search (Beta)/Search Feedback

This topic is a duplicate topic in the Brave Features Requests category, and Brave discourages duplicate posts in this category.

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A quick search found 3 topics for iOS and 1 for Android already created in the Brave Feature Requests category for this feature.

Address bar on bottom would be amazing

Bottom Search Bar Option

Search Bar Positioning

New things would be nice

There are also open Brave GitHub issue reports although none have been triaged:

Tab bar and search bar at the bottom please #20923

[Android] Sticky URL/Bottom Bar #11337

Moving this to the general browser feedback category as this is a duplicate request (multiple times over) in the Brave Feature Requests category.

@Raye you can also post (and vote!) on any of the above feature request topics already created. A post in the Feedback category is also a good way to indicate to the development team that there is still interest in this feature. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face: