Button to Jump to the top of the page

Hello team,
please bring an option/button to jump to the top when scrolling down. just saw this feature in a browser. please bring it in the next update. I sometimes visit lengthy sites, this feature will be really useful.

I’m loving the Brave android application. but this is a feature I would like to see soon.

is there any developer who could reply to my feature request?

I guess it should be the responsibility of website owner to implemented that feature on their sites. It’s a good idea though to bring it as a feature for the browser…

i saw this feature in other browsers. i used them for a couple of days and it worked perfectly (for one handed operation). if you want to know i can give out the name of those browsers. please bring that feature guys.
here at the right you can see an up arrow and when i tap it takes me to the top of the page.


hey hi, i shared my concern with a screenshot. may i know are you a developer in Brave team? could you add this feature in upcoming Brave mobile browser update?

Could someone reply for my comment?