Scheduling Premium (Moderated) calls / Custom Secure Domain setup

So, I purchased Brave Talk Premium, because I wanted to replace Google Meet and use the premium features. But then I found out that if you schedule a meeting in advance you actually can only use the free version. I mean what is the point of the premium if I can’t schedule it? Does everyone send the meeting links frantically at the meeting time?

We need to either at the very least have a way to join meeting as a moderator and elevat the meeting to premium. A way to simply log in during the meeting. That would help a lot.

Alternatively Jitsi has a way to schedule moderated meetings by creating two links (one for participants and for moderators). However, this would be a bit cumbersome as one would have to save the moderator links somewhere else than the calendar invitation.

Jitsi also has a way for a secure domain setup. This might also be a way to implement this if you were to allow premium users to link their domains to the Brave Talk service.

Hey @patrikjanusek, I am very sorry for the lack of reply here. Yes, you should absolutely be able to create a Premium link for a future meeting. Is this still an active issue for you?

Absolutely, for me and my colleagues, this issue makes Premium pointless. Our calls are always scheduled ahead. For ad-hoc calling each other we use Matrix but we need Brave Talk or Jitsi for calls with clients. Those meeting links need to be attached to the calendar invitation. For the time being, we have canceled our Premium subscriptions but if this feature gets implemented we might consider coming back.