Schedule a Brave Talk meeting

I am interested in using BraveTalk but need to schedule meetings in advance as I do on Zoom and send those invited a link. I can’t see how to do this. I have seen the previous questions, from October 21 and February 22, but no answers I can use. Is this (to me, essential) feature available yet?

Hi @JohnW welcome to Community :wave:

You can install the Brave Talk extension and go into your Google Calendar (or likewise) and when you create an event you can connect Brave Talk.
You then will click on Add a Brave Talk meeting which will generate an invite link for anyone to join.

Alternatively, you can start a Brave Talk Call and generate an invite link.

Brave Talk FAQ

You know that sounds silly, right? We need a Brave Calendar or something. For many of us who are coming to Brave, it’s to get away from Google. Kind of funny that we’d have to put in extensions associated with Google to use a Brave product. Perhaps the team can work on a way to expand support so it can work with things other than Google as well?

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