What is the full list of features Brave Talk Adds for Premium?

The official sales page is no help, it just lists 4 very basic add-on features not worth the $7/mo, especially if I’m not getting the critical feature of being able to set up permanent meeting rooms like I could with Zoom before they screwed it up.

I need to be able to have some preset links for booking meetings in advance and also for promoting webinars, however I have no idea if Brave Talk can do this, or what else it can do due to the complete lack of any information about it. All I’ve seen is other users speculating or guessing, which is not helpful either, could someone who knows for sure what the Premium features please give some info?

I will ask @steeven @SaltyBanana to answer your questions.

Thanks, appreciate that.

I am trying to get the go ahead to create a page like this that goes over the premium features of all services we offer. Until then:

Brave Talk (free)

  • Host calls for up to 4 people
  • No limit on the number or length of calls
  • Available on desktop & mobile
  • Access to the Brave Talk calendar extension
  • Virtual backgrounds (standard or custom)
  • Emojis & avatars
  • In-window chat
  • Compatible with most built-in or external microphones or cameras

Brave Talk Premium
All the features of Brave Talk free, plus…

  • Host calls with more than 4 participants
  • Host can record calls
  • Host can mute individual (or all) participants
  • Host can create/require passcodes to enter
  • Host can create a token-gated Web3 call
  • Host can start a live stream (i.e. groupwatch)
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Thanks. One critical feature I see missing from this list, is the ability to create pre-set meeting links BEFORE the meeting starts, so I can have my meeting software or manual emails notify meeting participants of the link ahead of time, rather then relying on it creating the link AFTRER the meeting has already started and sending the links out to people at the last second. This becomes even more critical when promoting a webinar and using Brave Talk as the hosting platform, as it’s mission critical to have the link for the presentation made in advance so I can use it in my notices and potentially advertising messages.

You already can do this. You can simply generate the room, copy the link and share it. Additionally, you can create an invite link (without having to create the room first) if you are using the using the extension.

I didn’t know about that extension. It didn’t come up when I searched for it either. Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for.