How to schedule a meeting with Brave Talk?

I have a Brave Talk premium account. I would like to schedule a meeting several days in advance and include a link to the Brave Talk conference URL. How can I create a meeting like this and get a conference URL for later use?


Great question about scheduling a meeting in advance with Brave Talk. I had the same question, and noticed it can be solved just as it is with a standard Zoom account:

  1. Go to and sign in (enter your email, and open the login link with Brave)
  2. Click ‘Start Premium Call’ - this will create the meeting room
  3. Enter your name and click ‘Join Meeting’
  4. Click Participants (the users icon) > ‘Invite Someone’
  5. Copy the meeting link and/or phone number, and just come back to the room at the designated time!

Let me know if the above gives you issues, I’m interested in furthering this service since Zoom is such a privacy-violating POS.

Hi, I’m using talk premium but there is not an option to schedule a conference, it would be great have an option schedule conferences, let’s put a #PremiumTalkUser, #SchedulePremiumTalk

Thanks @onimaster for this reply. Would this require the room to stay open or can you close the tab and come back to the room from the link as the organizer days into the future? If it does require the room to stay open, this isn’t a viable solution for meetings that one needs to schedule days in advance.