Scanned QR on Desktop to Transfer BAT from mobile device but BAT not showing


I noticed the QR code on my desktop yesterday. I scanned the QR code from my mobile device yesterday to transfer funds to my verified wallet and the BAT is still not showing up. Can someone offer advice on how long this should take? Is there a way to check the transaction?

Any word on resolving this issue? I also just transfer my BAT from iphone to desktop using the QR code but haven’t received anything and it’s been over a few hours

No word. Transferred BAT still not showing in my PC browser nor in my Uphold account. I’ve seen others say it took a few minutes for the BAT to appear, so who knows what could be the issue.

BAT looks like it finally transferred this morning. Weird. Hopefully everyone else sees their BAT come through and it just takes some time for some

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