BAT not showing up on Uphold after using Mobile QR Code

Hi Brave team - I moved BAT from mobile Brave to my browser, and it shows up now in the browser but not in Uphold (Uphold shows 30, remaining 107 from mobile is not found in Uphold). How can I access it?

I’m assuming you attempted this from iOS – if so, please follow the instructions here:

Brave Support - I have shared the requested data with @Mattches - could I get some help on this one?

I do not see any DMs from you, can you please try sending the information again?

Tried DMing again, no luck yet… let me know if you still don’t see the messages, thanks

I see this message but I’m not seeing any other messages sent between this one and the last message I sent you.

Do let me know if any updates, thanks!

@Mattches could I please get an update on this? Hoping it is a quick fix.

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