Saved user folder before windows restore... Where/how do I upload/restore my backup user file after reinstalling brave?

Description of the issue:
I recently had an issue with my desktop and had to do a complete system restore. Before doing so I researched on how to save all my important data for Brave itself and created a backup of my user account on a thumb drive. I cannot find anywhere the process of where to upload the old user folder into brave to restore my previous account. I had over 50 BAT and I understand that I most likely lost all that… Whatever, but I would really like to have all my old user files back. I had some extensions on there that I needed and believe they will not work now with out those credentials and certificates, correct me if I am wrong. I just thought this process would have been ALOT more easier than I thought… It probably is, Im just making this more complicated than it is. The good thing is, I do have the folder backed up… I would appreciate any help or guidance on this issue… Thanks

On Windows Brave stores data in %localappdata%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\. Just put the User Data folder you backed up there and you should be good.


Do I delete all contents in that folder and replace with the old folder?

Overwrite anything that already exists. You don’t have launched Brave before restoring so you won’t loose much.

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DAAAANG! Thanks for the help bud… That worked… AND I STILL HAVE ALL MY BAT!!! So stoked… Much appreciated my man… The only thing is I lost my extensions for my .js wallets… I have to figure that out now

Figured this out too… Can’t believe how easy it all was… hahahahhaa! Thank god I backed everything up… They made it sooooo easy… I just made it more complicated than it really was…

I think that someone else’s come in here talking about this particular things but I wanna point out that is supposed to be the entire Brave folder. If you do any less than that or just particular regions they do say they can cause issues. Please do check out the links that I provide in the post that I mentioned. V advice actually comes from somebody who works at Brave who said that they designed it to be able to transfer. That said, it’s still an unofficial until they can actually do a proper back up and restore which is what they are working on and hoping they have released soon