Computer crashed, got new one, how can I get rewards back

My windows laptop crashed and died, can’t get it back. I had around $20 worth of BAT built up on that computer. How can I get this back? Or is it lost forever?


It’s only possible to recover it if you can somehow access the hard drive.

Is it possible if the previous user data folder is available?
I backed up it and copied to the new installation but the reward section shows 0.190 BAT instead of 1.9 BAT.
Any idea why this happens, I still has the old user data folder with me.

Thanks for the answer. In the future, what is a good way to back this up?

@liy8 mentions a data folder, is it that? If so, where can I find it on windows so I can back it up?

the folder is located in C:\Users[your_username]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser

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Thanks @liy8, I will back that up. But I wonder if the wallet is the official way to do it.

Suggestion to Brave, whoever does the documentation: please add the right info on how to back up your Brave rewards.

The only official way is to connect to an external wallet (ie Uphold or Gemini in the near future), but for all kinds of reasons that might not be an option.

Your Brave rewards wallet is stored locally, as @liy8 says in C:\Users[your_username]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser. It will have a ‘default’ folder (which is your ‘Person 1’). This is the one you need to copy. If you had more than 1 profile on your old installation the data for those will be in the folder ‘profile 1’ and onwards. So data for ‘Person 4’ will be in folder ‘profile 3’.

Good luck

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