Save web page with form as web page complete

hello all:

i was playing around with a web page that had an input form on it
i filled the form then i saved the web page as web page complete but the data i typed onto the form was not saved
i closed the browser and then opened the saved web page again and the form was empty

then i tried this with opera: the same result, the data was not saved

then i tried it with firefox, and surprise: the data was saved
i opened the saved web page and the data was there on that form

if you’d like to give it a shot, here is the form i used:

download / copy the html and the JS files to your computer
open the html and play around with the form, fill in some data
save the web page as web page complete, close the browser, and open the saved web page: is the data you typed still there or not?

use brave / opera / firefox and see if you can reproduce what happened to me
or perhaps it’s just a problem with my brave / opera?

what should i do to make brave behave like firefox in this case?

actually i like brave best compared to firefox and opera
firefox: can’t natively print as pdf in windows 8.1. i had to install doPDF but the built-in print-as-pdf of brave / opera gives better results
opera: darn slow. even opening saved web pages locally is slow



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