How can I view the entered/autofill data?


(Im using brave on android)
how can I show the previews entered data of webforms? When I visit sites I sometimes can see my previews entered data (for example my mailadress or names) so it must be saved somewhere. My problem is that I don’t know where to find it. Im looking for something which I have entered and which was saved before. I just don’t know how to open it again. It popped up when I clicked on the field. Saddly I can not enter the same web form again. Is there a way to show all entered/saved autofill data of a website?

Thank you in advance.

Passwords, Payments, and address data can be found in settings, but auto-fill data (such as search queries) aren’t stored somewhere accessible to be read again.

If you know what you’re looking for (or will know it when you see it), I would suggest trying to get the search term or address to appear/autofill again, then bookmarking the site when you find it.

It was a booking reference which can’t be oppened again because it was in the past. It is somewhere saved in the browser but I can not access it :frowning:

Booking reference? You mean a site where you were booking something (like, putting it on a calendar)?

It is a site you access with your booking number. Once you put in your number you get to the next site where you can fill in your data.
I know the data I put in there is save somewhere because at the second time it was autofilled but I can not access it anymore because the page says it is in the past and already over. I’d like to know which data I put in there because I forgot. It is still saved on my phone but im not able to open the same page to make it autofill the data I have entered :frowning:
Is it saved in a db or something similar?

If you’re returning to the site in which you say you’ve already filled out the form data and autofilling that data has been offered before, the best way to see it again would be to visit that site and try to fill out the data again.

If the data isn’t showing up there then its likely gone. If you’ve cleared your browsing history since then or uninstalled, that data has probably been wiped.

I mean I can not access the site again because it was limited to a time and is already over now. The browser data is still there I guess. I just can’t make it autofill because im not able to access the page.

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