Brave is not saving website login details

Hi guys , hope you all well

my browser ( Brave is up to date

Version 1.61.109 Chromium: 120.0.6099.144 (Official Build) (64-bit

does not save login details for websites despite the options in autofill saying that it should . I even ran some command/query ( the query was something like intecpl.cpl , i know thats wrong ) and manually added the microsoft login credentials for everytime i open bing . it worked for about 2 days and then it just stopped . how do i add login details to populate in a website that i choose permanently. Thanks Jason

P.S why does the browser not create the csv file when im using it and selecting save login details

Hi Shawn here, I was using Chrome and all the logins was running and saving very fine. But, after switching to Brave I also have this issue. My website login details are not saving automatically. What should I do now? Either switch back or continue Brave browser!

Hi there . Is there any feedback on this issue . it is not even populating the login details for this very website


hi there , not sure if there is no solution or if its just poor support . Someone please answer


  • What OS are you using? (Windows 11, Linux Mint 21.3, Mac Sonoma, etc)

  • Are you still on 1.61.109 or have you updated?

  • Where did you download Brave from?

  • Do you have a login for your device? (does it require username/password to use?)

  • You mention options in autofill, but what are your Password Manager options at brave://password-manager/settings?

1 win 10 22h2

2 Brave is up to date

Version 1.61.120 Chromium: 120.0.6099.234 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  1. Ive been using it for atleast 2 yrs and i think i got it from

4 its on my laptop and i do not have a login for it

5 see attatchment


This may be your issue. I’m going to tag in @Mattches for a bit of confirmation on how this works. But I do know in order to view passwords in places like Password Manager, you need to have an OS password enabled. I believe it’s the same about CSV if you tried to export.

In any case, I’m going to pause here for Mattches to respond for more guidance.


I asked to confirm myself but yes I believe that this is the case. Double checking now.

Can you please confirm for me the exact situation here? Is it the case that you do not have a login set at all for your Windows 10 laptop? Or do you have a system password but have Win10 set to auto-login?

Hi guys , sorry, just been hectic . What is happening is when I log into a website I have a registration with , i am asked if i want to save the log in details for that site . I do and I click on save or yes or whatever it is. The problem is when i open that site again there is no login details saved so I have to sit there typing in the username and password everytime . This is a big problem because on some sites i have to use a longer or a more charecters included password and i then i cant recall it and have to keep on saying forgot password to get into whatever site im logging into . This also includes the brave site where i lodged my query . So i want to know why does it ask me to save the details but in reality it never saves it anywhere and if i do want to use this specific functionality must i a third party password manager or even better would be to have brave just do it

If you go to Settings —> Autofill --> Password manager do you actually see the entries present for the passwords that you’ve saved in the browser?

check screenshot attached but as far as i know everything is correct and it should work . only see onbe . Not sure where myy microsoft one went that i manually added

So it looks like it is saving login information (or at least some of it). Can you please try adding your MS login again, then visit MS and Google and see if the browser enters your login information as expected?

Thank you

Hi there

thanks for your interest . It basically doesn’t work at all . In fact when I added login details to it manually , it lost
the login details by the third day . ive used brave now for i guess about 3 years , and that login was
saved there a long time ago . In a nut shell when im on anysite that im registered with , and i enter my login details , the option
comes up everytime that asks for it to save the details for the next time and even with the settings like the screenshot I sent you, it just never
saves the details and i permanently have to struggle with logging in as I always have to click on forgot password . I dont have any additional
anti virus or malware software on my pc , but the brave password manager/tool just doesnt work . I also dont get any errors when saving the
login details either


@jasonv do a favor and test the following things. Do each separately.

Before the testing, I want to make sure you don’t have it set to delete cookies or passwords. If you go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData and then click on the On Exit tab, do you have anything selected?


First Test

Go to and download Brave again. To be clear, don’t uninstall Brave. I want you to install on top of what you have. This will patch anything that might corrupt, if there’s any issue that way.

If that doesn’t resolve…

Second Test

Create a new profile. It’s Hamburger menu imageMore ToolsAdd new profile.

I’m curious to see if it will work as intended on this second profile. Just to be clear, this creates a second profile with default settings and no extensions. It’s just a good way to narrow things down on potential issues.

Third Test

Can you download either Brave Beta or Brave Nightly and advise if this also happens there?

Hi there , good news . Test 1 has resolved the issue . Or atleast it has for the site . I suspect if that is working I’m guessing the problem is resolved and they should all work .

Thank you kindly , I’m happy now . Really didn’t want to go lookingaround for another browser and this now means I dont have to , thanks very much


That’s awesome if it stays that way. Just would mean something got messed up at some point and it was able to fix. Just keep an eye out and come back to let us know if any issues arise. Otherwise, I’ll mark your last reply as the solution here.

howzit . im so sorry to do this to you but this problem is actually worse now because since we did the install the google is not even there . i just been so busy this week and i only got to check it properly today . The problem is exactly the same . It really is annoying having to forgot password . . if i get that password warden app , will it serve as a quick fix

Hi guys , hope you all well

this is the third time im bringing up the same issue brave browser does not save login details on websites . But what has proven to be really annoying is i now save the usernames and password login details manually but after a few times it stops applying the log in details . ive used brave for about three years now and dont want to change my browser but this pain in the butt is just becoming so annoying that i really am left with no choice . Is this issue just never going to be addressed . I would really like to know so if not i can just bite the bullet and switch to vivaldi or something and get it over and done with

P.S sorry if my message sounds unreasonable but after living with this issue for several months ive just had enough of permanently having to click on forgot password like i actually had to do to post this query

im guessing by the lack of reponse that this problem is not being fixed . hope im not having to change my browser because of poor service . well i suppose non existant support is a good enough .as any thank you for a once great browser , its very unfortunate the brave project has fallen by the way side . who knows maybe those developers will create some other browser . good luck , wish you all the best with future projects