Save as PDF broken


When I download a document or when I print and press “save as PDF” a window opens asking where I want to save the document. In the dropdown list I choose my folder but it is not taken into account. I need to navigate to my desired folder.

Additionally, the default name is either void or the same as the last downloaded document.

Are anybody else experiencing this issue ?

Please advise

Update : I just realize this behavior when I want to download to my home folder. However, if , for example, I want to download to my One Drive folder, my choice is taken into account in the dropdown.


Check your settings . . .

Set/toggle: brave://settings/?search=save+each
Set/toggle: brave://settings/content/pdfDocuments

If your computing device Operating System is Windows OS, then you need to search online, for tips re File Type Association.

Brave Browser does not [yet] have a user-accessible file handler table, such as the Firefox handler table - screenshot:

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 10.57.16 PM

Brave Browser for desktop computers, does have some ability to determine the course of action for a few file handling situations, if you send a New Window to: brave://settings/content

And scroll down that settings page, and toggle the arrows for expanding . . . and exploring:

  • Additional permissions
  • Additional content settings

Having said that, @CerealLover has tips:

Open file attachment vs save - #3 by CerealLover

Brave Browser issue re PDF file handling - at GitHub (March 9, 2020):

Related - websites use different methods for Embedding PDF Files, and that may affect:

  • downloading PDF files (procedure)
  • viewing PDF files in Brave Browser

Sometimes, you may need to use an Internet Download Manager (‘IDM’).

Conflicts may occur between the PDF viewers of:

  • a website
  • your Internet browser

Brave Browser includes a PDF viewer, but some users add on a PDF Extension.

Some Extensions may cause a problem, re downloads, and you may need to:

  • Disable all Extensions
  • Test Enable each Extension, alone, one-at-a-time in order to detect the influence of that Extension

Google One Drive (aka OneDrive) Extension might be a problem on occasion.

Also, some Anti-Virus or Internet Security -type applications, may interfere.


Do you have, Linux, Macos, …?

Thanks for you answers.

Update : I moved the folder to another location in my home directory and it works. I’m concluding that there was a problem with the path to the folder I was trying to download to.

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