How to stop Brave from handling PDF files

Brave opening and saving PDF’s

I have disabled everything I can in settings

When saving a word doc as a PDF in Sharepoint Brave either opens the saved PDF asking me to save to a location which it has already saved to inside Sharepoint, or when turned off, Brave asks me to save to the default locations.

I would like Brave to stop using my PDF’s all together.

Word or my PDF program handle PDF’s

Every time

Windows 10 pro, Bluebeam Revu 2021

@Fletch72 ,

I am using as a reference:

And wondering, where Brave Browser fits in?

This is a way it will work, but it is just additional steps where there shouldn’t be. Usually, the word doc I open is in the location the PDF needs to be saved back to, the save as should open with and save back to this location without having to navigate the file tree again.

@Fletch72 ,

Your careful, thorough reading of the article that I referenced (, may help.

In addition, you need to convey exactly what application (and where it is installed), that you are using to Open a “word doc”?

In addition, you need to pinpoint how, where, and why Brave Browser fits in?


Open Windows Settings

Click on Apps

Choose Default apps

Write Sharepoint In Set Default for applications, then enter.

Click on choose default by file type,

Finally, choose .pdf

Sharepoint isn’t a program installed on the computer, OneDrive is the sync app and it wont let me associate .pdf with OneDrive.

I did read it but I didn’t find it useful, Sharepoint although is a set of sites in the cloud there has to be and there is a local drive where the local files are saved before they upload to Sharepoint, setting a sharepoint location is counter productive as you then have to navigate through the sites.
With Edge, all I do is open the word doc from the local drive, save as .pdf and it auto saves back to the same location the word doc was opened from.

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