Roblox login error

i cant log in to roblox on brave i use the correct username and password but i just get infinite loading dots (not connection problem)

i dont know if anyone else is having this problem but if its not just me all you have to do is try login to roblox (i think it might be something to do with captcha being blocked but i have no idea)

idk its the newest version i just got brave yesterday i logged in to roblox fine but this morning now i cant and havent been able to all day

its not a connection issue and i tried turning ad blocking off and trackers, fingerprints, cookies, etc but nothing fixed it


Could you try in a private window / new profile ?
if that works, try disabling extensions or completely remove them and you should be good to go most likely.

It doesn’t work for some reason.

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i still cant login its just infinite loading dots

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I have the same issue on Brave, but I can login on other browsers


Same bro i cant login its like infinite loading dots., i tried everything i dont have extensions installed or others i tried reinstalling so many times


I’m getting the same issue. Can’t login to Roblox through Brave. After clicking the login button I get the error: “An unknown error occurred. Please try again.”

Tried on private mode with no extensions enabled and turning Brave shields off and STILL get the error.

Can login on every other browser, so this looks like a Brave issue that needs to be looked at by their team.

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I’m getting the exact same error. I’m unable to play any games and the page just doesn’t even load.

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