Ridiculous memory usage and "out of memory" errors when using Facebook


Screencap from Process Explorer. I’ve also been getting these errors a lotimage

One time I got some stuff about hitting a breakpoint; I’m pretty sure it’s their code that’s the problem but I’m not a nerd so idk.

I have never had that type of problem with facebook on brave. Take a look at this, maybe it can help you to check what is the problem


Thanks; dunno why I didn’t think of that first! I guess don’t drink and troubleshoot, kiddos :wink:

Disabling the FB Purity extension seems to have resolved my issues so far, so presumably that extension was the problem. I’d been having other issues with it since the FB layout change so while this is disappointing, it’s not really surprising. Would definitely recommend anyone else that happens to be using that extension and having issues with FB disable it first.

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