Rewards (user is geoblocked)

Hi, I am not able to connect my Uphold account in my Brave browser. When I tried I’m getting this error.

and I noticed the URL


why am I geoblocked? I don’t know what I did wrong.

@botjaeger ,
Can you tell me what region you’re located in? If it is one of these, then this is because Uphold has restricted activity for regions on the list at this time:

I’m in PH. So I should be able to connect my account right? Since I already have an account for like already a year.

I have the same problem. can anyone from brave solve this problem? I’m also in PH.

Im also having this problem, From PH

im also a problem here in my country ph

di ka pa din makapag verify tol ? same problem here tagal ko pa naman grinind to hahaha

Ganyan din sa akin. Si Uphold talaga ang issue dito. Epekto na rin 'ata ito ng pagbebenta ng Uphold accounts sa Facebook. Damay damay na tayong lahat :frowning:

Beginning to not like this very much :slight_smile:

@Mattches any idea why we are experiencing this? We are all from the Philippines.

Thank you

Problem ko din ito, may fix ba para dito? Sayang ng 5 BAT kahit 50 php din yun haha.

following. same problem from ph too

That is a question for Uphold support as it does not directly involve Brave.

Temporarily, we are unable to offer new accounts in the following countries*:

  • American Samoa
  • Bangladesh
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam


kaya nga ehh sayang 35 bat ko dito di ko ma release lods

hello guys… I’m from PH too just experience this now. I thought I was alone. Why are they banning everyone, like not all are doing bad things on the platform. hope they fix this because there is no other way to get our rewards from brave as of this time.

hello sir, I hope the brave team offered another option for withdrawing their rewards because the only option is uphold and things like this happen.

Sayang, Kung alam ku lang ma block ang PH, eh di sana tinodo ko na pag fafarm ko, sayang tig 20K per month ko binlock lang hahaha.