Why you are geo blocking Philippines for brave rewards?

It’s just sad that I kept on seeing pop-up ads without getting any because the balance has never shown on brave rewards anymore plus I can no longer connect my uphold account and the URL parameter says geo-blocked. I also have a brave creator account for my website but I think that one is not getting any rewards too? While your ads are showing you guys are putting restrictions?


yes 7 ads camp and now brave block philipine user with no reason !

Brave doesn’t geo block, advertisers choose their own locations, buts nothing a vpn can’t solve

okay but if that is the case why advertisers choose to show their ads on our location without paying? I can use vpn but there are things that I work on my pc that doesnt allow proxies or vpn. whether it is uphold or brave blocking the user to use rewards, the real point of mine is if we’re geo blocked in PH why continue popping ads to us… the brave rewards doesn’t accrue any reward at all for that. Of course who doesn’t want rewards… I think it’s just better to report it here maybe it’s something they can fix but if not then at least we should know so we could just stop using it.

wow. I just joined today.

If you’re receiving ads you should be receiving rewards, this isn’t related to geo

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hmmm that’s really odd because it just doesn’t gain any… So I thought it was because of Uphold … so I’ve been reconnecting it and it says it is geo blocked… So I checked on other topics in this forum and they were saying that PH is being restricted…I guess this is happening for many weeks already because I really didn’t monitor that for a long time, and I’ve been using brave for quite a while and this has never happened in the past

Well, aside from that. Uphold is no longer available in the Philippines. And Uphold did not refund my money inside my BAT wallet. :frowning:
I also have pending rewards as a creator. Sad.

I also have pending BAT on rewards for creators… I can still use my Uphold account on my phone tho :neutral_face:. But no incoming BAT from any of the browsers and for creators as we couldn’t connect it anymore.

Whether the GEO Blocking is coming from Uphold, we still need attention for it to be fixed by Brave since BAT is their utility token they should’ve had wallet support for their own tokens without relying on it to Uphold… they even have wallet support for ETH but for their own token, there’s none…?

And this is just the right timing because crypto and utility tokens are getting higher prices right now so best timing to restrict users from getting these coins :yawning_face:


i can connect my brave browser to uphold now im from PH i think they fixed it


any update from brave ?

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