Help with Disconnected Uphold Wallet

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My Uphold account is already verified and connected prior but a few days ago, it suddenly got disconnected and whenever I try to reconnect, it says “Your request is still being processed, please wait. Sorry there was problem processing your request, please try again.” And I can’t help but notice the URL : brave://rewards/uphold/authorization?error=invalid_request&error_description=The%20user%20is%20geoblocked

Hard to believe that it’s geoblocked while my other profile is linked to the very same verified account.

Me too,. Suddenly disconnected and I can’t connect it again.

@azarias26 @Bunbun
Can you tell me what region you are located in?

I’m from Philippines

Hi. I’m in the Philippines.

@Bunbun @azarias26 ,
It appears that you are currently located in a region currently blocked by Uphold – more information can be found here:

But my account is not new. I’ve been using it and verified since July 2020. Btw, my brave rewards in laptop is still connected to uphold wallet. Only in android brave rewards that suddenly disconnected and unable to reconnect.

Thanks for the response.

My uphold account is still active and I still receive my BAT from another profile, should I transfer my BAT to that account in the meantime?

And does that mean that the ads I click on won’t get recorded and credited to my uphold wallet once it comes back up? Because it seems to be that way. :confused:

Does this mean PHILIPPINES should go back to CHROME or FIREFOX?

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following. same problem from ph

Reporting the same error, ph user. Uphold is active but Rewards is saying disconnected.

same here form PH, but an hour ago i still received my BAT payout for January on my Uphold account even its disconnected for now.
but im still wondering if february rewards would be sent to me.
btw my accounts verfied.

Good day!
I’m from PH also and I’m getting the exact same error here.
I’ve been an Uphold user for years now, and this just happened.
Still can’t connect my wallet.
Afraid my earnings won’t sync with my Uphold Wallet.
Will Uphold be adding PH in the supported geo soon?
Please help.

I’m in the philippines. mine used to work and now it got disconnected somehow.

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