Rewards Section Only gives the option of wanting to hide the icon

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Theres no other options. i am on IOS, i go over to settings > rewards> and then there is only the option to hide the brave icon. nothing else.

Don’t you see under the “Hide Brave Rewards Icon”, the “Open Brave Rewards Settings”, and under that “Reward Internals”?

Are you on the latest version? 1.21 (

just this and yes, its fully updated.

I ask again, latest version installed?

That’s a bug that belongs on github then. You’ll need to specify the device type and the iOS version in your posting so people can understand. Go to github and add an issue.

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That’s very strange – can you do me a favor and disable (slide to left) that option and see if more options appear below it? If that does not work, can you also try setting the Appearance of the browser to Light and see if the other options in the Brave Rewards section appear?

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