Brave Rewards Icon missing on Iphone X and Windows PC browser doesnt have sync botton

I updated my app but still no Brave Rewards icon near the address bar on my iphone X. I can access the rewards by going to: Settings-Brave Rewards- Open Brave Rewards Settings only. My windows PC Brave Browser doesnt have a sync options in the settings, ive checked 5 times thoroughly. My goal is to sync My Windows Desktop Brave Browser to my Iphone X brave browser and hopefully share the same BAT wallet. I understand withdrawls are in the works for mobile right now too :smiley:

Iphone X: Brave Browser 1.6.1
Windows 10: Brave Browser 1.8.96

Thanks for reaching out.
As for Sync, you’re not seeing it because the feature is currently disabled due to a major issue with the code – we’re currently reworking Sync to be better and more reliable.

As for the Rewards icon – can you check in Settings --> Other Settings --> Brave Rewards and ensure that the hide Brave rewards icon is not enabled?

Thanks for the update. On my mobile, I followed the path you suggested and disabled the “hide brave rewards icon”. I forced closed the brave browser and re-opened it without any success with the icon showing. I re-enabled and forced close and re-opened again without any changes. I tried this process both ways multiple times. I left it disabled and rebooted my phone without success either. Thank you for the help.

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