Rewards page is blank so unable to verify (phone)

Whenever I open the brave rewards page on my phone the page is blank.

  1. Select BAT icon on top right corner
  2. Select settings

blank page opens

Browser and Phone Specs

First of all, try to clean the cache, and restart. Restart the phone as well.

Then check what you get when you click “Unverified”. That should trigger the process to connect a wallet.

Thank you for replying.
I tried this but the problem still persists.

Thank you @JohnWick2704

I suggest you open a support ticket then

I don’t think there’s anything you or anybody can do about it. I’ve had this same issues for a while now, I contacted support, but unfortunately, they couldn’t fix it as the support guy thought it’s from my end. Clearing cache won’t have any effect on it. I even updated to the latest version, but it doesn’t seem to work

They must do something about it if there are so many users having this issue. Anyways I’ll raise a support ticket, see if they can resolve it this time.

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